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 Have you ever thought about joining a choir? 

If you have children, have you considered how taking part in choral singing can bring significant benefits that are highly relevant to their personal and academic development?

The internet is a useful source of well researched information on this. (Google The benefits of joining a choir). This is just one example "Singing helps children's memories. Practising musical patterns and rhythms helps form neurological pathways, with huge implications for children's learning."

Have a look at this web page, 5 Benefits of Joining a Choir Backed by Science http://www.voicecouncil.com/benefits-of-joining-choir-health-wellbeing-russell-scott/

This applies to everyone, not matter what age.

Perhaps the most tangible benefit from singing in a choir is, ’having fun with the people close around you, all set on the same aim; to make a beautiful sound, often with a profound message.’

So if you are interested in singing, come and join St. Eth’s Choir? There is no need to be able to read music. Everyone quickly picks up the essentials of following a score. Reading the music develops over time.

The St Eth’s choir leads the congregation in the singing of the hymns and service setting at the 10.30am Sunday Service. It also provides an anthem each week. Our congregation includes some lovely strong voices, too. Visitors have commented that St Eths in full voice raises the roof (and uplifts our spirits too).  Practice begins around 9.00 on a Sunday

The choir is directed by a professional singer. The young choristers learn the basics of vocal technique while rehearsing. We have had members who have started with only one or two notes in their voices who have gone on to become soloists at services. Youngsters singing with us and taking grade exams on any instrument benefit in the aural and sight singing requirements of the syllabus. Being a member of a church choir may also count favourably towards entrance to Church schools.

Our choir and Church are affiliated to the Royal School of Church Music, and from time to time we have the opportunity to sing in St. Paul’s Cathedral and to take part in choral events in other churches as well as in occasional concerts here in our own.

The Choir welcomes anyone from 7 years to infinity and family participation can be great fun.

Please do get in touch with Ursula to joining - musula@uwclub.net

Ross Gunderson, 07/07/2019